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Custom Handmade Biker Wallets

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Our wallets always come with a 30 day evaluation period and a FULL UNLIMITED 5 YEAR WARRANTY.

Whether it is a crocodile, shark, stingray, leather or exotic skin wallet, you can rest assured that it is made with fresh skins and made to the highest quality possible with superior craftsmanship and materials. 

All of our wallets come with chain secure hardware, so even if it is not shown in the photo on our website, you can rest assured that your new wallet will have a place to hook up your chain.  After all, what is a true Biker Wallet if there is no place to attach your chain to? Ride On!

Biker wallets – the way to express your style

They say the devil is in the details so we have found a way to beat him at his own game. Every stitch and grain of our biker wallets is crafted to blow his piercing beady eyes.


Anything strapped to a biker’s backside must be made of something as tough and enduring as the devil’s hide, but since he is not giving it up any time soon, we have found the next best THING. Combined by the best leather smiths on this side of hell, our products reign as the lords of the road they were destined to become.

To prove it, our custom biker wallets always come with a 30-day evaluation period and a FULL UNLIMITED 5 YEAR WARRANTY. The only 5 year unlimited lifetime warranty in the industry.

Whether it is Crocodile, Shark, Stingray, or any other exotic skin, you can rest assured it is of the highest quantity. Our skins are expertly sourced and guaranteed to be fresh.

Check out our line of kick ass biker chain wallets. We secure the hardware in the forges of the underworld, so that no mortal man can separate you and your unholy spoils. So, strap that motorcycle wallet and see if there is a man fool enough to try and take it from you. If there is, God rest his soul.

Time has tested our wallets as proof of their durability. We have tracked some that have been roaming the earth for 15 years and they are still kickin! This isn’t a cheap wannabe. Try the 5 year warranty for yourself.


We know that you want a biker wallet as original as you, so each of our wallets has its own look and personality.

To find the one that screams your name, scan the categories in the left vertical menu and choose the leather type you prefer, and the size you need (3” to 8”).

If you look for wallets with chains, you can choose from gold or silver color chains. We customize the attachment hole depending on which pocket you prefer to stow your biker wallet. The right-placed hole is better if you put your wallet in your right rear pocket and vice versa. If you ever decide to switch it up, we can plug the hole with a concho cap and install the chain on the opposite side.

Prefer the lanyard look? We got you covered. Choose from multiple styles and colors (light or dark brown, black, etc.). Our lanyards will keep that beast of a wallet you have on a leash.


To buy biker wallets on our website, browse the categories that are in the left vertical menu of our site. The size selection is in the six upper sections. 3" represents the sizes 3", 3.25", 3.5" and 3.75". 4" is from 4" and up. 5" is from 5” and up. You get it.

We have set the bar higher than ever before with the creation of our leather chain wallets. Like a trophy on your wall, our products will bring you great satisfaction to admire for years to come. So, spoil yourself or give one as a gift. You'll be glad you bought it here and besides, you will be covered for 5 years no matter what.