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Quality LIFE LONG Biker Wallets

Have you ever said to yourself, "I want to buy the best quality Biker Wallet out there" or "I really need a biker wallet that will last forever".  Well, this is the place!  Our wallets may not last forever, but we have wallets out there that have been in daily use for 15 years.  Every wallet we sell comes with a 5 year warranty.  You can rest assured that when you buy a wallet from www.biker-wallets.com, you are getting top quality materials and craftsmanship backed by our UNLIMITED 5 YEAR WARRANTY.

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Biker Wallets - Installation of chain secure and other hardware

Hi gang,   I just wanted to inform you guys about the installation of the chain secure.  It is a good idea to specify which pocket you wear your wallet in.  Left or right.  If you wear your wallet in your right rear pocket, the chain secure will face outward and be installed on the right most side of the wallet.  Vice versa for left.  Also, if your wallet has a hole for the chain secure already....DON'T PANIC.  It is a very easy fix.  We have mini silver conchos that act as a decoration and cover up a hole that...

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Big News about www.biker-wallets.com

We are very excited!   www.biker-wallets.com will be adding hundreds of wallets and hardware items to the site this year.  This will make your shopping experience even more SPECTACULAR!  Keep an eye out to see all the cool new stuff. COMING SOON!

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What category to search for a particular biker wallet size?

Hey gang.  This is just an FYI note: Rather than have a different size category for all sizes, we structured wallet size categories like this: 3" Biker Wallets = 3", 3.5", 3.75" etc... 4" Biker Wallets = 4" up to 5" 5" Biker Wallets = 5" up to 6" 6" Biker Wallets = 6" up to 7" 7" Biker Wallets = 7" up to 8"  

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Wallet sizes and styles

If you see a wallet design here at Biker Wallets, but you would like us to make it in a different size, we can do it.  Almost every wallet design we have can be made into a passport wallet, a 4",  5", 6", 7" or 8" wallet.  Just email us  

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