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Biker Wallets

Many Thanks to our inspiration....Harley-Davidson motorcycles. You guys have inspired us for years.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles - Wikipedia"

Harley Davidson - Harley-Davidson's corporate headquarters is located at Juneau Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is the site where a wooden shed was built in 1903 in the backyard of the William C. Davidson family's home. In 1994, the Juneau Avenue site was listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S.


any questions about International species preservation, please take a look at the C.I.T.E.S. site:


Honda...the Gold Wing design is classic. Thanks for making the Space Shuttle of bikes : )

Honda Gold Wings

Check out Honda's 1300 Custom Line:

Honda's 1300 Custom Line


You guys at Orange County Choppers....keep the good times rollin'. I did not know metal could do that!

Orange County Choppers



West Coast Choppers, we are hoping we get a chance to meet you guys in person someday soon.

West Coast Choppers

- Ann


Check Out Our Friends at Bikers-Links.com:

Bikers Links

What are 925 or Silver Snaps?

925 refers to Sterling Silver that is 92.5% Silver and 7.5% copper. 100% Silver is too soft, so 7% copper is added to make a stronger alloy for most jewelry applications. Biker Wallets Silver Snaps are buttons or snaps that are connected to the snap housing to make the wallet easy to open and close. There are a lot of styles to choose from. By the way, all silver tarnishes (even 100% silver) and oxidizes to a black color but can be buffed, or you can use a silver cleaner solution to remove the black oxidizing. If you need help with this, just email:





A brief overview of the Crocodile Leather Wallet.

Crocodile leather is generally made from farmed crocodiles. Cayman crocodiles are a protected species. Often times people refer to a crocodile skin wallet as an alligator wallet. Alligators are endangered and it is not advised to buy any Alligator products. A crocodile skin wallet is for the most part ok as long as the farmers have observed the international laws on crocodile farming. Biker-Wallets.com is in full compliance with all international laws protecting these beautiful animals. So if you are looking for a crocodile mens wallet, we are here to help. Our Crocodile wallets are backed by an unmatched 5 year unlimited warranty.



Biker wallets is not just leather wallets. Where can I get a custom wallet or a custom leather wallet to be exact?

We received a call this afternoon about what types of custom wallets we are currently making. We currently have in production:

1. Crocodile Wallets

2. Stingray Wallets

3. Snake Wallets | Snake Skin Wallets

4. Ostrich Wallets

5. Shark Skin Wallets

6. Leather Wallets

7. Custom Leather Wallets

Many exotic skins available. Please keep in mind that biker-wallets.com recognizes all species protection laws worldwide. This includes U.S. Fish and Wildlife, C.I.T.E.S., EU Protections, N.E.S. and many others. Please call if you have any questions at all about exotic skins.


"Hey.....I want a biker wallet chain !"

We have been asked over and over when our new 925 silver and white metal wallet chains will be available. We expect to have 2 styles online in November 2010.

The biker chains are our own design and made to last. We are only using top notch wallet chain. Please drop us a line and tell us what you think.

Hang in there....we will get them on the site soon.


Custom Leather Wallets

biker-wallets.com has made many custom wallets for customers worldwide. Just about any cut, size and shape you can imagine we can make. Our custom leather embossing techniques rock.

If you have artwork, just email it to us, and we will tell you if we can make your custom embossing stamp. The largest embossing stamp we have made is 9" x 9". Our laser engraving and etching methods make for the finest detail available for embossing to date.

Lets say you wanted a sailboat and even the fine line ropes that go to the sails to be visible in your embossing. It is no problem. Or a really fine spider web logo. No problem.

Just email:


call with questions.



Stingray Leather

How should I clean my Stingray Leather Wallet?

we recommend just using a lightly damp cloth to clean the surface of your stingray skin wallet. Stingray skin is really tough stuff and you should only require a minimal

amount of moisture to clean the surface. Stingray wallets will last for years if cared for properly. If there is a special case of coffee stains or other stains, please call and we can advise on what to do.


What makes a biker chain wallet?

A biker chain wallet simply has some means of attaching your wallet chain to the wallet. Sometimes it is a loop and other times it is an eyelet in the wallet that allows you to connect the chain to your wallet. The materials used range from brass or stainless steel or 925 silver for loops and eyelets.


G'Day to our friends Down Under

Aussie Biker Sites Motorcycle Website Directory- For All Things Biker






Standard Wallets and Biker Wallets are referred to by many different names in the world.

In Germany, our biker wallets are called lederne Mappe or lederne motorradmappe.

In Japan, they refer to our wallets as Saifu or Baika Wallet.

In England they sometimes refer to a wallet as a holdall, carryall or portmanteau.

In the U.S., biker wallets are often called trucker wallets as well.


Some Nice Motorbikes

Big Bear Choppers

Choppers Inc.

Exile Cycles


Honda Gold Wings

Mini Choppers

Orange County Choppers

Thunder Struck Choppers

If it is a custom crocodile leather wallet, a custom stingray leather wallet, an ostrich leather wallet, or cowhide wallet, rest assured that www.biker-wallets.com delivers quality. Our unmatched 5 year UNLIMITED warranty covers all aspects of your new wallet. Materials, craftsmanship, and crafts methods are all covered by the warranty. Each purhcase is kept on record, so forget that bologne of losing your warranty card. We are here to help.

Call anytime




Bringing back some old memories...check this out:



Choosing a men's wallet and a biker wallet in particular.

When choosing a biker wallet there are several things to consider. The size and functionality are important, but most people tend to choose a wallet on the design and color. If you see a wallet you like, but want to change the color, position of the pockets, or add or remove components, it is not a problem. Just email us at customs@biker-wallets.com with your request. Many people have ordered wallets and said I would like the outside to look like this particular design, but the insides should be like this other design on your site . We can make any combination and add pockets etc... Just draw a sketch, or reference any combination of designs on our site and we will make your wallet to order. Another factor is the skin used to make the wallet. There are soft skins like soft leather and ostrich, while the crocodile skin, stingray skin and saddle leather make for a very strong FIRM wallet. The firm skins tend to last longer, but may not be as comfortable in your pocket. We dye the skins in just about any color imaginable, so any color or combination of colors is also possible. The sizes also play a part in deciding which wallet to buy. We offer from 4" wallets to 8" wallets. The 8" wallets are large and generally stick out of your jeans pocket. Do you want and need a change pocket, zippered or snapped? Do you need lots of card pockets, SD Memory card pockets or sim card pockets? These are all things to consider when purchasing your new wallet. We offer just about any features currently available for biker wallets. Almost all of our wallets also have a gromet and loop for attaching your wallet chain. We have a few chains available that we make from the ground up. We hope you enjoy your visit at biker-wallets.com. If you ever have questions, please do not hesitate to call.

- the team at www.biker-wallets.com

call toll free 877-480-5634

It is easy to repair scuffs and even recolor your cowhide leather wallet. After long use, you may find that the color has worn off in areas of your wallet. The MAGIC stuff everyone uses in the leather working industry is made by Kiwi and is called SCUFF MAGIC. A simple web search for "kiwi scuff magic" will turn up photos and numerous sources. It is a bottle full of coloring liquid with a small sponge on top for application. People even use SCUFF MAGIC to create effects. By taking a brown leather wallet and using black and brown scuff magic, you can mix the two to create an aged antique look on your wallet. We will try to post a video on YouTube soon of how to antique your leather wallet.


Take a look at our friends at MOTORDOG69

Amazing Chrome and Medallion work. Can chrome get any thicker and deep blue? unreal

We came across a great site with some great tips on leather crafting. Take a look:


In Japanese, they call our wallets 彫刻バイカー財布オートバイ財布クロコダイル財布アカエイ財布メンズレザー財布荒い革財布賽巨大な財布の革製品のサドルレザーウォレットの手

In Spanish they call our wallets motorista cartera.

ブラックメ ンズレザーバイカーウォレット、チェーンウォレット、バイカー財布、賽、チェーン財布、巨大な札入れ、巨大な財布、オートバイ財布、チョッ パーウォレット、アカエイ財布、レザーウォレット、クロコダイル財布、オーストリッチ財布、トカゲの皮の財布、スネークスキン財布、

You can see many of our wallets at www.rakuten.co.jp somtimes just referred to as Rakuten.

see Rakuten here....the Japanese eBay.


One of our new artisans has blown us away with his design capabilities. Some new designs coming.....


Wenn Sie ein Biker Brieftasche oder ein benutzerdefiniertes Leder oder exotische Haut Brieftasche sucht, ist www.biker-wallets.com hier zu helfen. Eine unvergleichliche 5 Jahre Garantie und Top-Modell der Materialien und handwerkliches K?nnen. Wenn Sie ein Design, das Sie gerne machen w?rden, schreiben Sie bitte an design@www.biker-wallets.com. Hans-

Våra MOTORCYKEL-plånböcker är de bästa med hela 5 års garanti ! / Mona

Check out our friends at Biker Or Not Social Network

Bikers Against Child Abuse is doing some good work for a good cause. Way to go guys! B.A.C.A.

If you are looking for a Men's Leather Wallet for Dad for Father's Day, you have come to he right place. Feel free to call anytime with questions or anything related to leatherwork.


For those who are interested in our tanning procedures, 95% of our chemicals used in the tanning process we acquire from Germany and are considered to be some of the best in the world. This contributes the quality of our skins and the overall quality of our wallets. We had received a couple of calls inquiring about where we get our chemicals, so we thought we might blog about it here just so everyone knows.



Here is a great forum with leatherworking techniques and a lot of tips and tricks. Leatherworker.net

If you are in the Austin, Texas area, visit Dream Machines of Austin. A great custom bike shop. DreamMachinesOfAustin.com

We have received some calls about chain secures and how to make their installation permanent. Most of our conchos and chain secures attach via a flathead screw. If you are pleased with your snap and chain secure loop and you want to make the installation permanent, just use some 2 part epoxy glue and apply it to the threads of the screws before screwing the hardware together. Just be aware that if you ever want to change these, you will probably need to cut them off with bolt cutters. This will ensure that your hardware on your wallet stays put for a long time. Call if you have questions about this. -michael - 877-480-5634

Finding the best Biker Wallet for YOU.

When looking at the different sizes of biker wallets, it is important to know about the sizes of biker wallets that we offer. Our 8" wallets are the largest of our current selection. This 8" measurement refers to the vertical measurement of the wallet from top to bottom. An 8" wallet will stick out of the back pocket by quite a bit. It is a good idea to take a piece of paper or cardboard, fold it in half and cut the paper so that it is roughly 4" x 8". Then stick this piece of paper in the back pocket of the jeans you will be wearing. If this size seems too big, cut off another 2" to make it a 6" MOCK-UP wallet. Give it another try. If your are still not happy, cut off another inch to make a 5" wallet. Still not pleased, cut off another inch to make it a 4" wallet. The reason we are bringing this up, is that we have sold a few wallets and the customers were not aware of just how large the 8" biker wallets were. When ordering a wallet from us, take a look at the dimensions and if there is any question, just make a paper mock-up of a wallet and give it a try. Also, you can call us anytime to discuss. We use paper models daily in the shop when working on new designs and when making new dies to cut our leather and skins. We encourage our customers to make paper models of the wallets when designing or making changes. It is quick, convenient and low cost. Even if you have to make 10 models within the day, it is really the best method for quick, accurate modeling of a new wallet.

Just FYI


We just returned from Burapa Bike Week. It was a blast. Please visit:


Here are some images of the last show and previous shows:

Burapa Bike Week

We will be showing our wallets at:

Burapa Bike Week

Laconia MC Week

Laughlin River Run

Rock Store Run

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

About your Biker Wallet hardware.

It is critical to secure the screws and hardware on your new wallet.

If you are fully pleased with the concho, chain loop secure and

any other hardware on your wallet, you need to lock them onto your wallet.

You can use loctite, epoxy or Krazy Glue(tm). We do not secure the

hardware permanently, because you may want to change the hardware.

Once you are please with the hardware setup on your wallet, unscrew

all of the hardware pieces and put a drop of adhesive on the screw

and re-attach. This will make them permanently secure. If you want to

change the hardware later, you will need to cut or break the hardware off.

This is a permanent modification, but your hardware will stay secure

and the screws will not become loose over time. Just FYI to make

sure your new wallet is SECURE.



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