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Biker Wallets - Installation of chain secure and other hardware

Hi gang,


I just wanted to inform you guys about the installation of the chain secure.  It is a good idea to specify which pocket you wear your wallet in.  Left or right.  If you wear your wallet in your right rear pocket, the chain secure will face outward and be installed on the right most side of the wallet.  Vice versa for left.  Also, if your wallet has a hole for the chain secure already....DON'T PANIC.  It is a very easy fix.  We have mini silver conchos that act as a decoration and cover up a hole that has been made for your hardware.  In this way, you can have holes on both sides of your wallet.  One hole covered by the micro concho, and the other hole will have the chain secure.  In this way, you can even switch the wallet to be left or right handed.  We will try to post a video soon about this.  So when you have the question, "Is my wallet left or right handed?", the answer is generally associated with whether the chain secure face out to the right or out to the left.


I will try to get that video out there soon on YouTube.



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