"Serpent's Reign" 4" Custom Handmade Snake Skin and Leather Biker Wallet

"Serpent's Reign" 4" Custom Handmade Snake Skin and Leather Biker Wallet

So you're on your bike and could you be any cooler than having a red python biker wallet in your back pocket to hold tons of cash, your change and credit cards and it snaps close to keep all your stuff secure.  They call this bad little biker wallet the Serpent's reign.  This wallet is constructed with red python skin, genuine black leather, sterling silver and stainless steel.  this biker wallet is 100% handcrafted and handmade.

inside you will find:

qty 3- horizontal 3 1/2 inch card slots

qty 1 - 3 inch snapping coin pocket.

qty 2 - 3 1/2 slots

qty 1 -  6 1/2 inch full sized bill pocket

qty 1- tension snap

qty 1- .925 silver Conchi snap

.925 silver is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper.

This is the red python biker wallet called The Serpent's Reign.  This wallet features three horizontal format three and a half inch card slots, one snapping coin pocket, and a full size 8 inch bill pocket.  This wallet is constructed with red python skin, high quality genuine black leather and the edges are hand-stitched with leather as well.  This wallet is 100% handmade and handcrafted.

As is the case with all of the wallets in from www.biker-wallets.com, you get a full 30-day evaluation and a full unlimited 5 year warranty.

Don't even try to compare the Serpent's Reign to a store bought department store velcro wallet.  And if your friends have a velcro wallet, they'll just end up looking stupid if you pull this out.

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Thanks for visiting and thanks for taking a look at the Serpent's Reign. The baddest little biker wallet on the planet.

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