"YOSEMITE" 6" Handmade Leather Hand Tooled Biker Wallet

"Yosemite" Biker Wallet

Trying to capture the beauty of one of America's most beautiful National Parks.  Yosemite.

If you breathed in that crisp fresh air, scoped out the beautiful mountain ranges, while drinking a beer next to the camp fire, you might just dream up the "YOSEMITE".  That's what we did.  Only after closely escaping the clutch of the great Sasquatch, which damn near demolished our tent and rations of food and beer.  Luckily, we escaped with two ice cold Heinekens, and...the idea for this, maybe one of the greatest Biker Wallets ever conceived.

Impeccable hand tooling and stitching.  Amazing vegetable tanned leather.  The combo....unreal.

4" X 6" closed, 8" X 6" opened.

There is even hand tooling inside.  

There is a 6" snapping coin pocket to hold all of your loose items.

There are five, 2 1/2" Vertical format card slots.

There is one 8" full sized bill pocket, so you won't have to fold your money to put it inside.

Outside you have a silver Conchi (choose from any on our site).

Also, you get a 316L stainless chain secure swivel loop.

We hope you enjoy, the "YOSEMITE".