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What makes a Biker Wallet Special?

Understanding what makes a leather wallet a Biker Wallet is a critical starting point. Biker Wallets tend to be more durable than their standard counterparts. They are made of the highest quality leather to ensure years of enjoyment. Our men's wallets aren't just made of the more traditional cow or lamb leather either. Many feature exotic animal skins including crocodile, stingray, ostrich, and snake. This provides a unique pattern in each wallet and a handmade quality you can feel.

Long gone are the days where a biker waller was only suitable for ruffians of bikers. These handmade wallets are for anyone who has an individual sense of style and wants to show it off. Rockstars, cowboys, truckers, weekend warriors, there is a biker wallet for everyone.

Our wallets often will showcase a piece of artwork, either a cross, skull or something else sure to stand out. At, our craftsmen use a variety of techniques to apply the artwork including burning, carving, and embossing. They are then finished off with .925 Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel rivets, fasteners, buckles, and concho snaps.

Once the design is completed, every men's leather biker wallet is processed through various stages. Generally, the first step sees it impregnated with chemicals that prevent cracking and provide elasticity. Next, if the style calls for it, the color application is completed. Following the dye, the wallet may be covered with varnish to protect the dye from the friction of use. A varnish layer also protects the wallet from potential moisture exposure.

All of our biker wallets are handmade by experienced leather-smiths. We stand behind our quality with an industry leading 5-Year Unlimited Warranty! You know that when you shop with us, you are getting the best. 

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