"ONE SHOT" 6" Leather Biker Chain Wallet


In this life.....YOU GET ONE SHOT!  That's it. 

Closed the "One Shot" measures 4" x 6".

Opened the "One Shot" measures 8" x 6".

Inside the "One Shot" you will find:

Four(4)- 2 1/2" vertical format card slots.

One(1) - 6" Zippered Coin Pocket.

One(1) 8" Bill pockets. Can hold 200 Bills...no sweat! (see pics)

Vegetable tanned leather secured with super strong nylon thread.


One(1)- 23" Lanyard with 100% Brass Hardware. "Oh that's cool!"

One(1) - Brass swivel chain connector joint connector.

30 day evaluation, 5 Year Warranty.

Do it.....you have "ONE SHOT".