We Offer the Best Handmade Shark Skin Leather Wallets in the WORLD

Are you looking for a sturdy wallet that will last for ages? Do you have sophisticated taste and love all things exotic? Are you a biker? If so, you have come to the right place! Take a look at our amazing selection of handmade shark skin leather wallets.

What Is So Special About Shark Skin?

Sharks are one of the most mysterious creatures in the world, and their skin is one reason why. It is unlike any other fish scale. Shark skin consists of dermal denticles that look like tiny hard, sharp teeth pointed back towards the shark’s tail. This is why you should never rub sharks from back to front.

The coarser parts of shark leather are used as sandpaper, but the finer skin is perfect for handbags, shoes, wallets, furniture, and almost any other application where cow skin is used. Shark leather is very durable and resistant to tearing which makes it an ideal material for a hardcore biker wallet.

Rest assured, that in 15 years from now your shark leather wallet will still be with you!

Create Your Own Exclusive Design

Our online shop has a wide variety of shark skin wallets to choose from. They come in different colors, styles, designs, and sizes (from 3” to 8”). But if you can not find exactly what you are looking for, don’t worry! Just contact us and place a special order. You can handpick all the materials and hardware, and our craftsmen will make your dream a reality.

At Biker Wallets, You Get the Best Possible Deal

All of our shark skin wallets come with a 5-year unlimited warranty! It means that during this period, no matter what happens, you can always return it or have it repaired or replaced.

Each biker here also gets 30 days to evaluate their purchase. Call us anytime toll-free in the U.S. and Canada at (877)480-5634, and our customer service will gladly assist you with any problem!