Stingray Wallets for RealMen

A stingray wallet is resistant to water, fire, and punctures. Prized for its unique granular texture, the varied finishes of a genuine stingray skin wallet make for some seriously cool men’s accessories. Polishing and sanding give these wallets a glassy smooth finish. They are popular worldwide as stingray skin has a deep cultural significance and history in some countries. It has been widely used for centuries by samurai warriors and kings in designing weapons of war and decorative items. In Egypt, stingray leather has always been a symbol of power and strength. In Asian countries, stingrays are considered to be the immortal jewels of the sea, and a stingray skin wallet is believed to bring good luck to its owner.

An Accessory with a Character

Stingrays, one of the baddest belly shovers to carve the seas, are known for their barbed tails, which often pack a deadly wallop of venom. They hunt for prey as loners or in packs like their cousins the sharks. Some rays surge with an electrical current so strong, they can electrocute whatever crosses their path with up to 220 volts. Dating back to the Jurassic era, these creatures were built to last. That is why we have crafted one of the most unique and gnarly wallets out of their highly evolved radical skin. Known to be 25% more durable than cowhide, this surprisingly supple skin is guaranteed to last.

Men’s Stingray Wallet that Lasts Forever

At Biker Wallets,we offer a wide variety of men’s stingray wallets. They are available in many styles and colors. For men, who prefer the natural unaltered beauty of stingray skin, we have wallets made from un-sanded stingray finish that highlights the beaded texture of the leather. The sanded option is great for those who want a smoother finish to their wallets.

We offer various designs of bifold stingray wallets that can also be customized according to your preferences. Most wallets in this category have both card slots and compartments for storing bills. They are available in black, green, brown, blue, red colors or a mix of several ones. Some items are manufactured from the combination of stingray and crocodile skin. The wallets are usually decorated with silver or brass concho snap buttons and supplied with chain secure hardware to attach your chain to.

We provide a full unlimited 5-year warranty on all our products. Some items might not be in stock; thus we won’t be able to ship them right away. So, send us an e-mail or give us a call to know more information about men’s stingray wallet you are interested in. Have your own design ideas? We are ready to discuss them and create a unique wallet just for you.

Buy a stingray wallet that will keep your money safe even during the most challenging road adventures and make your biker’s apparel look cooler and unique.