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At Biker-Wallets, we create the World's Best Biker Wallets! We guarantee it with a FULL UNLIMITED 5 YEAR WARRANTY. Our handmade leather wallets are custom build for men in need of a durable biker wallet for work or play. We also have an industry-leading selection or exotic animal skins for a truly unique Biker Wallet including stingray, crocodile, shark, and ostrich. 

Be sure to also check out our offering of the best selection of biker wallet chains and snaps. While all of our leather and exotic skin wallets come with chain secure hardware, you can buy additional chains, snaps, and lanyards to personalize your biker wallet. We hand cast our snaps in high-grade .925 Sterling Silver so you have a product that will truly last forever. 

For over a decade, we have been supplying only the best men's wallets with a particular focus on biker culture. When Biker-Wallets was born, we saw a void of stylish and rugged wallets and while there are more options, we continue to focus on offering only the best quality. You'll always find something new on our site and we are excited to announce that this year is a GROWTH year for us and we will be offering special deals and new styles each month!

Don't see something in our current selection that speaks to you? Want a custom snap for your Club or Event? Please feel free to contact us with your own design ideas for either a One of a Kind Biker Wallet or Snap. We are always happy to take suggestions and our team can bring most ideas to life. We even offer special pricing for club-wide sales so if your organization would like matching snaps of one of our designs, or one of yours, make sure to get in touch for a quote.

We are available to talk so call us TOLL-FREE in the U.S. and Canada at 1-877-480-5634 any time. Our team has a combined knowledge base of over 100 years of leather and exotic skin work experience, rest assured that your wallet will be TOP NOTCH, and handmade with the best materials and superior craftsmanship.

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