"Anna's Revenge" 6" & 8" Handmade Leather Men's Biker Chain Wallet

"Anna's Revenge"

She's beautiful, but she may rip our heart out....be careful.  

The guys in the shop said Anna could not out do them on design or workmanship on a Biker Wallet.  Anna proved them wrong 10 times over.  And here is the proof.  Boy do the guys feel stupid.


Inside this amazing wallet you will find eight 3 1/2" horizontal format card slots.

Also, you will find two 8" Bill pockets.

There is also a 7 1/2" Zippered pocket to hold all your loose items.  Change, t-flash memory, SD memory, a guitar pick, an iPhone reset pin....whatever.


Inside you will find :

Four - 2 1/2" Card Pockets

Three - 6" Open Pockets

One - 5" zippered Pocket

If you have any questions at all, please email us or call us toll free in the U.S. and Canada at:

(877) 480-5634

One of the best biker wallets ever made!