"Bandit" 6" Custom Handmade Leather Men's Biker Wallets

the "Bandit" 

Brace yourself for "THE BANDIT"

Our biggest complaint about this wallet is that owners have found themselves fighting off Paparazzi, Chicks, and crazed people who just want to be around them and their bitchin-ass wallet. 

We can not accept responsibility for the frenzies caused by THE BANDIT. 

THE BANDIT is the ultimate way to keep your stuff in your pocket. 

When we set out to design ̴THE BANDIT, we just wanted a world class tough functional Biker Wallet that would last a lifetime. We did not know what the reactions and results would be. I guess we found out. It looks like we achieved the goal that we set out to achieve. All that aside, THE BANDIT just plain rocks. See for yourself. You have 30 days to evaluate it, but we are warning you ahead of time, you may find yourself surrounded by people, and most importantly, hot chicks. Not to worry̴.  You will just get used to it over time. Kind of like royalty checks in the mail. At first it is weird and awkward, but once you man up, everything falls into place, the stars align, and the world is at your feet.


* Overall Size (6" x 4" x 1") or (152 mm x 102 mm x 25.4 m)

* Bill Pockets = qty 1 unzippered @ (8" x 6") or (203 mm x 152 mm)

* Vertical Format Card Slots (2" x 3 1/2") or (51 mm x 89 mm) = qty 10

* Side Pockets = qty (4" x 3") or (102 mm x 76 mm)

* Chain Secure = qty 1 316L Swivel Secure Loop or .925 Silver Secure Loop

* Snap or Concho = qty 1 tension ring snap and concho.

* Overall Weight = 7.9 Ounces or 223 grams

* Thickness = Medium Thick (1" or 25.4 mm)

* Edge work = Machine Stitched and Hand Stitched