"NEURON" 8" Handmade Hand Tooled Leather Custom Chain Biker Wallet

"Neuron" Handmade Biker Wallet

Closed measures 4" X 8".

Opened Measures 8" X 8".

This zippered Bike Wallet closes securely to protect your stuff.

There is a nice Day link chain secure loop to attach your chain to.


An awesome twelve(12) 3 1/2" Horizontal Card Slots.

One(1) 7 1/2" Zippered Pocket.

One(1) iPhone pocket.

Six(6) Full sized bill pockets.


One(1) 8" Bill or card pocket.

One(1) Stainless D Ring for your chain.

YKK zippers.

Get your NEURON NOW.  Your brain and the chicks around you will dig it.