"Plain Jane Exotic" 8" Custom Handmade Men's Biker Wallet

"Plain Jane Exotic" Custom Biker Wallet

We can do just about any combination, simply purchase the one that is the closest to what you want.  In the note section at checkout, just add something like:

Left handed, brown croc, black hand stitching on edges and red leather inside.

The Python skin comes in Red and Blue as well. 

Inside leather can be black, brown,tan, red, white, blue or green.

Measures 4"(10.16cm) x 8"(20.32cm) Closed.

Measures 8"(20.32cm) x 8"(20.32) Open.

Comes complete with matching belt loop and lanyard.  (see pictures)

Inside this wallet, you get :

Ten - 3 1/2"(8.9cm) Horizontal card slots

Three - 8"(20.32cm) Bill Pockets

One - 6"(15.24) YKK zippered pocket.

There are two BW (Biker Wallet) tension concho snaps.  One to close the belt loop chain secure, and one to secure your stuff in your wallet.

The quality and craftmanship is off the charts.

You have to see these wallets to appreciate.