"Secret Agent" 5" Handmade Trifold Biker Wallet

"Secret Agent" 5" Trifold Biker Wallet

Closed the wallet measures 4" x 5".

Open the wallet measures 12" x 5".

The secret agent holds just the right amount for your "Missions".  Most of which maybe even be considered IMPOSSIBLE.

Inside your get:

Four(4) - 4" Horizontal Format Card Pockets

Three(3) - 3 1/2" Horizontal Format Card Pockets

Three(3) - 2 1/2" Vertical Format Card Pockets

One(1) - Zippered 3 1/2" Coin Pocket

 One(1) - Massive 12" Long Bank Note Bill Pocket


One(1) Silver Concho Snap and tension snap to secure your valuables.

One(1) Swiveling 316L Stainless Chain Secure.

The "Secret Agent" gets stuff done.  The right way.

Top grade materials and craftsmanship.