"Two Tone" 6" Custom Handmade Men's Biker Chain Wallet

"Two Tone"

Crocodile, Star Stingray and Genuine Leather.  WOW!

One of our most popular biker wallets.

In 10 years, we have received one back.

We can confidently say, bikers love this wallet!

The two tone is 4" x 6" closed.

Open the wallet measures 8" x 6".

The two is thick and is about 1 1/2" thick when folded.

Super tough.  Super Nice.

Inside the TWO TONE:

Six - 6" Large Credit Card Pockets

Three- 6" Open Bill Pockets

One - 6" Zippered Coin Pocket

This wallet includes .925 Snap and Chain Secure.

Please see our snap and chain connector section and just make a note at checkout on which ones you would like on your new Two Tone.

 If you have any questions at all please call toll free from the U.S. and Canada
(877) 480-5634.